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Steve Camp steve at
Wed Jan 25 06:07:11 PST 2006

I need to setup a web forum for a friend, and sure could appreciate
some pointers.

Some of my questions/issues include:

1)  Which forum software runs on FreeBSD?

    By forum software, I am referring to programs such as 

        o phpBB
	o vBulletin by Jelsoft

2)  Suggestions for hosting services

    At a recent Colorado SAGE meeting, a fellow told me that hosting
    services exist where I can get a "virtual Linux" box for $20/month
    or so.  I specify how much physical memory, disk space etc. that I
    need, and I get a "virtual Linux" system, but for all intents and
    purposes, it looks and acts like it's own system.

    Does FreeBSD have any similar ability to "virtualize"?
    Are any hosting services offering FreeBSD servers for as little as
    $15-25 / month?  If not, for how little $/month might I find a
    FreeBSD server hosted by someone else?  Recommendations of hosting
    services welcome.

3)  Is anyone familiar with web forum software?  Can you point me to
    any of: 

        o Usenet groups
	o Web forums for forum admins
	o rules of thumb for estimating bandwidth requirements /
	  system sizing for estimated numbers of users?
Many thanks,

Steve Camp
Camp Technologies, LLC
steve at

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