Sound driver for Compaq Presario?

Erik Trulsson erikt at
Tue Jan 24 15:35:58 PST 2006

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 11:44:56PM +0100, Andreas Davour wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Jan 2006, Erik Trulsson wrote:
> >>The computer behaves as if there is no card there! If I didn't remember
> >>hearing the Windows XP jolly sound when starting the computer I would be
> >>tempted to think it broken.
> >>
> >>The only remaining information I have is that pciconf tells me there is
> >>a device multimedia/sound from "ATI Technologies" as device 20.5 in its
> >>output. :(
> >
> >What is the *complete* output of 'pciconf -lv' ?  Not just the lines you
> >think are relevant, but all of them.
> Attached at the end.
> >>Maybe FreeBSD just lacks support for the built in devices on this
> >>laptop. I would hate to have to tell my wife that she has to use Windows
> >>XP after all...
> >
> >That is of course a possibility.  Another possibility is that you just need
> >to try a newer version of FreeBSD.
> >I think support for audio on some ATI chipsets were added to RELENG_6 just 
> >a
> >few weeks ago (and is thus not in any -RELEASE yet.)
> >
> >If you have the 'snd_atiixp' driver on your system I would try it.
> Considering what kind of memory for detail you have in these cases, I 
> bet that you remember correct

Not only do I have a fairly good memory -- I also know how to check the CVS logs to
make sure I get the details correct. :-)

> and considering the name "snd_atiixp" it 
> wouldn't surprise me if that can solve the problem. Time to leave 
> FreeBSD 5.x aparantly.

It is all too often the case that if one wants support for the latest
hardware, one has to run the latest version of an OS.

Luckily for you, the transition from 5.x to 6.x is fairly painless.

> /andreas
> pciconf -lv output:


> none2 at pci0:20:5:	class=0x040100 card=0x3091103c chip=0x43701002 
> rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
>     vendor   = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
>     class    = multimedia
>     subclass = audio

Checking the source code this chip does seem to be one of those supported 
by the snd_atiixp driver in -CURRENT and 6-STABLE.

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