auth.log & intruder prevention

Ilias Sachpazidis isachpaz at
Tue Jan 24 13:02:45 PST 2006

Hi Everyone,

In auth.log of my FreeBSD boxes I got many requests to port 22, as you can
see below.
----begin of snippet
Jan 22 11:21:50 zeus sshd[92900]: Failed password for illegal user cracking
from port 58344 ssh2
Jan 22 11:21:53 zeus sshd[92902]: Failed password for illegal user hacking
from port 58443 ssh2
Jan 22 11:21:55 zeus sshd[92904]: Failed password for illegal user lol from port 58543 ssh2
Jan 22 11:21:57 zeus sshd[92906]: Failed password for illegal user pgl from port 58640 ssh2
Jan 22 11:22:00 zeus sshd[92908]: Failed password for illegal user player
from port 58741 ssh2
Jan 22 11:22:02 zeus sshd[92910]: Failed password for illegal user root4me
from port 58842 ssh2
----end of snippet

I am wondering if any script is available to prevent hundreds of attempts on
port 22 from external IPs that constantly checking user & passwords on my
FreeBSD PCs.

What I am looking for is a deamon application/script that receives the
recorded data from auth.log and detects if any remote client (IP address) is
checking user and passwords (Detection pattern: 5 missing attempts in 1
min). On a successful detection, the script should add an ipfw rule
rejecting further IP packets from the specific remote address.

Is any script or something similar available so far? 

All the best,



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