Blogin software recoendations

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Jan 24 09:27:28 PST 2006

stan wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 11:40:18AM -0500, Chuck Swiger wrote:
>> stan wrote:
>>> I want to host this on FreeBSD, preferably by using something that;s in the
>>> ports tree. I've installed and got working wordpress, but it doesn't seem
>>> to have the ability to allow me to define individual blogs for each person,
>>> which is what I need. I'd like for each persons blog to have a unique URL.
>>> Am I missing how to do this in wordpress? Or is there a more appropriate
>>> choice?
>> Read the fine documentation :-):
> I did run across both of these, in looking at the documentation.
> The first choice, while seeming to be the better of the 2 looked to be a
> bit "heavyweight", as each user would have his own complete install of
> wrodpress. Seems like an admin nightmare to me.
> The 2nd is listed as alpha quality software. Doesn't sound like a great
> idea to me.
> Am I thinkining incorectly here?

I'm sure you could pay for commercial blog software or blog hosting instead, if 
you preferred to do that.  Or perhaps there are some other open-source blog 
suites which are more suited to your multiuser requirements than Wordpress.

(Multiple user homepages, one blog with multiple users per company, works fine 
for me, although I have tried making a copy or two and it would take about 3 MB 
per extra user if you wanted to do it the "heavyweight" way.)


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