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Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Tue Jan 24 08:28:11 PST 2006

Bob Kersten <bob at fellownet.com> wrote:

> I've been trying to create a tunnel/bridge between two networks
> which both reside behind a FreeBSD router using NAT. I've achieved it
> using the handbook example in chapter 14.10. Clients on network A are
> able to ping clients on network B and clients on network A are able
> to map samba shares on the NAT box/gateway of network B. The example
> however uses two different subnets to route traffic between both
> networks. Unfortunately broadcasts will not travel through the tunnel
> which causes Apple's bonjour (called rendezvous earlier) not being
> able to discover clients on the other network.
> What I want to achieve is what I believe a bridge between both  
> networks. The entire network A should be on the same subnet as  
> network B:
> network A
> range - /
>    |
> FreeBSD gateway A
> en1: IP: /
> en0: public IP:
>    |
> Internet
>    |
> FreeBSD gateway B
> en0: public IP:
> en1: IP: /
>    |
> Network B
> range - /
> Using the example from the handbook there was no additional  
> configuration necessary on the clients on both networks, the FreeBSD  
> gateways handled all the necessary routing. It would be great if
> this new setup should also not require any additional settings on
> the clients aswell.
> Can anyone give me an example or the necessary steps to create this  
> kind of VPN?

If you use FreeBSD 6.0 see man if_bridge, else see man bridge.

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