Dell DRAC Questions

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Tue Jan 24 06:32:36 PST 2006

Ken Stevenson wrote:

>What software did you have to install (if any) on the 2850's in order to
>use the serial console? I have a couple 2650's with DRAC's, and I can
>connect to the Web interface on the DRAC port, but the serial console never
None.  For me they just worked out of the box.  I had to upgrade the 
firmware in order to get SSH connections to work, but the java serial 
console just worked.

I would first make sure that you have the DRAC configured correctly 
especially gateway and DNS server IPs, then start by running a Web 
browser on the Dell itself and connecting to the DRAC.

The other thing is that I do get lots of warnings about certificates, so 
maybe over-aggressive browser security settings are your problem.

I realise I should have said that these are DRAC4s.  I don't believe 
that the underlying OS should matter a jot, but we have 5.4-RELEASE.  I 
can connect from a Mozilla browser with native java 1.4.  You do have 
Java installed, right?


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