strange error with NFS on freebsd

David Stanford dthomas53 at
Sun Jan 22 09:11:48 PST 2006


Just yesterday I had this same problem with a 6.0 box attempting to mount an
NFS share off a 5.4 box. Although I couldn't tell you why this happened, my
solution was to kill rpcbind, mountd, and nfsd and then restart them on the
5.4 box. That got it to work. However, I also noticed that when I was
researching the error online I found many threads (as Danial already
mentioned) stating that this is error is usually indicative of portmapper
not running (for those running 4.x series). Try restarting the services and
then look into portmapper.


On 1/21/06, Brent <mrb at> wrote:
> I have a 4.11 server runing nfs server and a nfs client running freebsd
> 5.4
> ive setup both according to the freebsd handbook
> When i go to mount the nfs share onto the client by doing
> loqtis# mount /user3
> i get the following output
> [udp] RPCPROG_NFS: RPC: Program not registered
> what does this mean ?
> any help is greatly appreciated
> --
> Brent
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