Wake-on-LAN won't work if FreeBSD/Linux shuts down the system...?

Dinesh Nair dinesh at alphaque.com
Sat Jan 21 22:31:02 PST 2006

On 01/21/06 02:39 David Kelly said the following:
> On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 04:22:55PM +0000, Martin Tournoy wrote:
>>I'm trying to get WoL working, and actually works quite well as long
>>as windows shuts down the system.
>>However, when FreeBSD or Linux shuts down my system, it won't work,
>>and if I manually turn on the system and shut it down again (even
>>before POST is done) WoL will work again(!?!?)
>>I've tried shutting down my system in every way I could think of, but
>>it doesn't seem to matter...
>>I've been googling for hours on this and didn't get alot wiser, does
>>anyone have any experience or solution for this?
> You ask such a question without saying anything about what NIC you are
> using?

i dont know if this is related, but i've had this experience:

1. freebsd notebook dies/crashes due to power failure (my bad)

2. a reboot of the notebook comes up fine with the exception of a totally 
missing bge0 device, Broadcom BCM5751M Gigabit Ethernet. nothing i did 
could find the device including pciconf.

3. reboots with shutdown -r didnt still showed a missing device when the 
notebook rebooted.

4. shutting down the notebook using ACPI (acpiconf -s 5) and a subsequent 
reboot brought the device back to life as if nothing had happenned previously.

i wonder if there's something in ACPI which caused this behaviour, and 
could be responsible for the symptoms you're seeing. admittedly, this is a 
shot in the dark as till today i've no clue why my bge0 device disappeared 
for a short period of time. agents mulder and scully are investigating.

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