FreeBSD vs Linux

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>> "is freebsd better than linux" kind of question is perfectly 
>"Is FreeBSD more suitible as a desktop system with
>a 200mHz pentium-pro and a 4 gigabyte hard-drive
>than windows 3.11 on dos 6.22 on vmware on top
>of Solaris 10?" is perfectly legitimate.
>"Is FreeBSD better than Slackware?" is legitimate.
>"Is FreeBSD better than a generic kernel stuck onto
>an unknown useland being packaged by a 14-year-old
>AOL subscriber?" is probably legitimate.
>"Is FreeBSD better than *?" is not.

Anyone asking the question has an idea of what "?" is, so your next
logical question in preparing an answer is "what version of linux"
This is implied, of course.

>> If we as the FreeBSD community cannot answer that question, then why
>> are we wasting our time with it?
>I think this is a false dichotomy.  Either that or I'm going to
>die tomorrow.

I can answer that question for me.  My question to you is, if you cannot
tell me why you think FreeBSD is better than any Linux distribution,
then why are you bothering with it?  Do you seek out inferior products
to use, perchance?


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