FreeBSD vs Linux

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>More rambling, useless points from Ted. Whether
>its written from scratch or not is irrelevant.
>The point is that in order to produce a windows
>driver you have to buy the dev kit,

Danial, do your homework next time.  This isn't true.  See the following:

The cost of the Microsoft DDK is for shipping and handling
only.  (about $15)  You don't have to buy it.  Of course it
works best with the MS C tools.

People have also written Kernel Mode Drivers under the
Windows Driver Model using gcc, see the following:

There's also 3rd parties like the following:

who produce software that they claim will create drivers
without the DDK

>and MS
>doesn't pay them to do it.

My point was that if you actually spend some serious coin on
some decent hardware instead of the dumpster diving you
seem to be recommending, Danial, that you won't find that
many problems getting drivers for UNIX systems.


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