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Martin Rolinec martinrolinec at
Thu Jan 19 07:32:21 PST 2006


I would like to make a web page on which I would like to sale Linux 
distibution to people, who don´t have an opportunity to download it from 

So I have few questions about a licence:

 1. I would like to ask, if I can download the CD images from your
    distribution (iso-cd-dvd, live iso and so on) and offer them for
    sale on my web page, thus if I can spread your distibution legaly
    for a minimal charges?

 2. CDs and DVDs I would like to sale with CD printing.../with Buble
    Jet printer/. So I would like to ask you, if I can use your LOGO
    and the LOGO of distibution and a color combination of your
    distribution on the CD printing.

PS: Of course with using of your LOGO and the color combination I regard 
all rights and duties involved in copyright.

So, every customer, who will buy your distribution will be notified in 
writing, that:

 1. distribution is dowloaded from web, from your ISO images

 2. distribution is burned

 3. the price of CD or DVD does not include the technical support in
    all forms from you .

 4. customer will be informed, that your LOGO, color and the name of
    distribution is subject to your author´s right

 5. customer will be informed, that the CD was burned by me, so I will
    bear all problems coupled with its malfuncion.

Thank you for your answers and I hope, that I will be able to spread 
your distribution without biggest problems.

With best regards.
Have a nice day.

Martin Rolinec

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