Haven't been hacked, just prone to man-in-the-middle attacks (WAS: I have been hacked)

Kilian Hagemann hagemann1 at egs.uct.ac.za
Thu Jan 19 05:21:09 PST 2006

Hi guys,

Just to find closure on this thread, I'd like to admit that I jumped to 
conclusions too early and would like to share what had actually happened, 
after many hours wasted playing the detective :-(  (glad I didn't 
format/reinstall though)

When I "used" my FreeBSD gateway as an smtp server to convince myself I had 
been hacked, the smtp connection was somehow redirected to one of my 
institution's mail servers (or at least that's what gmail's mail headers are 
saying). Funny enough the same trick no longer works today, but then they're 
currently upgrading lots of stuff around here so that's a different story.

Then when I used ftp to connect to my gateway and it came up with "frox 
transparent proxy", someone had actually intercepted my connection and 
forged/spoofed a reply. I know that because I went to the premises of my box, 
unplugged everything and tried that trick again, successfully, from a 
separate dial-up connection. Hey, nmap even told me my box had ports open 
even though it wasn't even up!

I've never seen anything like this before, but I've notified my ISP. Remains 
to be seen if they do anything about it...

Anyway, long story short I'm glad I'm still secure and thanks to everyone who 
helped me out and gave me advice.

Kilian Hagemann

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