How to tell if IPF is running?

Peter petermatulis at
Wed Jan 18 16:14:49 PST 2006

--- Erik Norgaard <norgaard at> wrote:

> Gable Barber wrote:
> > On 1/18/06, Peter <petermatulis at> wrote:
> >>
> >> Switch over to pf.
> >>
> > Why do you suggest PF over IPF?
> > 
> > Hope I am not starting a war here.. but I am genuinely interested in
> the
> > opinions.
> I used IPF on FBSD until there was some bug in IPF for 5.x some version 
> that forced me to switch after an upgrade. The bug has been fixed since 
> but I have found no reason to go back.
> There are two things I miss from IPF:
> a) proper accounting: You can't count traffic correctly with stateful 
> filtering on pf, pf will count when a rule is matched but once a state 
> is established packets for that state are not matched and hence not
> counted.

That's not true.


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