6.0 for nfsd ?

Albert Shih shih at math.jussieu.fr
Wed Jan 18 15:52:30 PST 2006

Hi all

I known that's a question come 1000 times when there are a new release...

I must re-install my nfs server (actually run under FreeBSD 4.7 perfectly).

I want to install FreeBSD 6.0-stable or FreeBSD 6.0-Release because on the
www.freebsd.org this tag is «Production...». But is it a good idea ? Maybe
FreeBSD 5.4-Release is enough ?

What's adavantage can I've to install FreeBSD 6.0 instead 5.x ? (The only
thing I want is the best performance AND best stability for...nfs).

Lots of thanks.

Albert SHIH
Universite de Paris 7 (Denis DIDEROT)
U.F.R. de Mathematiques.
Heure local/Local time:
Thu Jan 19 00:48:56 CET 2006

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