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> > What is the essential difference
> > between FreeBSD and Linux (Fedora for instance)?
> > Where can I find any list of differences?
> > What/Where are the advantages of FreeBSD vs Linux?

You seem to have never used FreeBSD before. The answer to this question is
huge. Your best friend is the internet (i.e. as people already
For example imagine that people may understand "technical differences"!!!

Of course even if at the beginning looks like a good post to "snob", between
thousands of people this subject might have very good results.

First: Whether Linux or FreeBSD is better, is totally subjective. I can
install FreeBSD and start editing and building a custom kernel in 30 mins.
When I sit on a Slackware (pcs in uni), I can use it of course, but I found
difficult to build a custom kernel in it and to be honest before I search
too much I went back to my FreeBSD. Some commands are slightly different!
NO! I refuse....As long as it is available to me, I am sorry I want my
FreeBSD mate!
In the other hand I find knoppix the ultimate tool. The most impressing *nix
like I have ever seen! I cannot go on holidays without my knoppix cd lately!
That's because -->I<-- like it!

Second: FreeBSD is everywhere...In computing... Remember this while reading,
studying, googling for computers in the future! Now that I said googling
what about 
After typing your question to google as other people recommended, I
recommend you type it to the above link too :)

Third: UNIX was before Linux.

I would like to ask two different questions on top of yours to complicate or
maybe make things more interesting.

Why there are many(!) Linux distos out there: 
but only one freebsd? What is stopping people from making their own UNIX
distributions, similar to FreeBSD?

What are the differences between FreeBSD and SCO UNIXR?

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> Give a look at gentoo .... it's inspired by FreeBSD, and is linux as
> well.... the portage system works great... and as a personal opinion: Use
> gentoo for Home / Desktop / Office use.... use FreeBSD For web/ftp/file/
> etc.. Servers.....
Just want to say that I believe freebsd can be used for a very large list of
things. Every time I perform something new using freebsd I realize that are
other, the Operating Systems that cannot do some things...or they are just
doing them really simply!

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