FreeBSD vs Linux

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Wed Jan 18 08:53:41 PST 2006

> >  Microsoft pays hardware manufacturers to
> > make drivers for their OS,
> I seriously doubt it. They don't need to with
> their market share.

Ok, what do you guys live in a shoe or something?
For pete's sake, how can so many people be so
patently clueless and still be able to find food
and shelter? Do you really have no idea how
things work? Are you really so brainwashed by the
geeky liberals that you have lost your ability to

MS doesn't have to "pay" vendors, you toad.
Vendors write drivers for windows because the
market is substantial and because if they don't
write drivers no-one who runs windows will buy
their cards. Like DUH!. In fact, you have to PAY
MS to get the devkit to build drivers for

Vendors don't write drivers for freebsd because:

1) the market is too small
2) Some don't want to release source, as they'll
lose more to taiwanese cloners than they will
make selling to 'nix users.
3) X sucks, so why risk having people badmouth
your cards?

If vendors are going to support a *nix, they'll
support linux. The market is much larger.


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