Share desktop with XOrg

Kilian Hagemann hagemann1 at
Wed Jan 18 08:24:32 PST 2006

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 18:08, User Gandalf pondered:
> Is it possible to share a desktop under the XOrg server? Is there a port
> for this? I'm aware of the -display option of X based programs. What I
> need is not a remote desktop connection. I would like to share my
> desktop to another user so he can see what I see.

Yes, the stock Xorg server doesn't though. You could use VNC, but in my 
experience that just opens up another X display where you login separately 
using kdm/gdm/xdm or whatever.

I suggest you use KDE's desktop sharing (krfb, in the menu under "System", 
part of the "kdenetwork" package, tested on 3.4.1). Does what you want.

Kilian Hagemann

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