How to tell if IPF is running?

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Wed Jan 18 07:25:37 PST 2006

Gable Barber wrote:
> Howdy List...
> I am trying to figure out if ipf is running for certain. FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE
> .
> I added the following to /etc/rc.conf :
> ipfilter_enable="YES"
> ipmon_enable="YES"
> ipmon_flags="-Dsvn"
> ipnat_enable="YES"
> ipfs_enable="YES"
> I added a rule file /etc/ipf.conf , and flushed/reloaded ipf with the
> command
> # ipf -Fa -f /etc/ipf.conf
> I have rebooted since the additions to /etc/rc.conf
> ps aux | grep ipf
> Shows nothing. I do see ipmon in there however.
> ipfstat command, shows me stats, so I suppose it is running, but I assumed
> (incorrectly?) that I would "see" ipf with ps aux .

Yes, incorrectly, if you have any rules with the log key word, then you 
can se if you get any entries in your log files. I would have default 
rules first in my rule set:

   block log in all
   block log out all

And then pass what I positively know is good.

Cheers, Erik

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