trouble installing new printer

ivan.roth at ivan.roth at
Wed Jan 18 02:20:50 PST 2006

Hi Ted,

don't worry about what your mail sounds, it is ok :)

You're right on every points. I do not need to print so much. In fact, I am
translating the printing chapter of the handbook to french and I just wanted to
test the parallel interface. I bought this printer for 70$ (approx.). In fact,
it is just the cost for knowledge :)

Yes I should have choose a compatible printer, but it was the cheapest one and I
am sure I will have good results. Some website pointed me to the BJC-8200 driver
and I got some results with the BJC-800 one.

I am not a politic man but I think one company you may consider working for open
source is HP, especially when they give the FBSD foundation important gifts. I
worked for them and I had to change my job because of their restructuration
plan (I was like a "collateral damage", not a directly "fired" guy).

Everybody will have his point of view. I promised myself never buy Canon
printers again after my i320.

But for sure, when time will come for me to have an "everyday-printing printer",
I will choose it carefuly, and spend as much money as necessary.

P.S: a simple PS just about USB printers: the chapter I am translating
( said "USB is
superior to RS-232 Serial and to Parallel for printing, but it is not as well
supported under UNIX® systems."
I will test USB connection of course and maybe submit an update for this

Regards, Ivan.

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