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On Jan 17, 2006, at 3:00 PM, Tamouh H. wrote:

>> Just get a different sound card.  There are lotsof
>> inexpensive sounds cards that are probably supported by
>> FreeBSD for just a few (10-30) $
>> Btw, this problem happens with Windows, Mac OS X, etc as
>> well.  I have been trying to put an extra USB/Firewire card
>> in my G5, and they work, but with weird side effects like
>> hanging IO.  My dad had some sound card issues on Windows
>> with "supported" cards.
>> Chad
> Oh come on, I've been working with all Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.
> Getting a different card is not the solution. It is actually an absurd
> suggestion which goes to prove further that Unix has not matured  
> yet to
> compete with Microsoft.

You misunderstood what I said.   Sure there are lots of sound cards  
out there for Windows and they are ALL "compatible" as Windows is the  
target that they are all developed against.

My point was that Windows drivers often don't work the way they are  
advertised, or require a specific version of Windows that is 5 years  
old, or are not that stable.  The problem of not having a driver for  
your specific version of Windows or having an unstable driver exists  
on Windows just like it exists on FreeBSD.  There may be more choices  
on Windows but that doesn't mean you don't have  problems with HW and  
drivers.  Just ask my dad.  He has had to rebuild his Windows machine  
a few times (software reinstall) when things get totally screwed up  
and a wrong driver gets installed by accident and hoses everything  
and it won't boot at all and the repair disks won't repair it.

> If you are looking for compatibility, Windows is the answer.

Compatibility with what? All my HW is FreeBSD compatible.

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