konsole font size and colour ?

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Tue Jan 17 18:39:15 PST 2006

Mehmet Fatih AKBULUT wrote:
> hi again,
> the question was about boot screen font size and colour.
> to be more clear, i copied the line from debian's grub.conf 
> [/boot/grub/menu.lst]
>  >kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.14-2-686 root=/dev/hda1 ro vga=792
> "vga=792" changes the font size seen at boot screen.
> [this part not included in default installation. i added this later when 
> i learnt.]
> so all i want to learn : how can i do the same for freebsd ?
> firstly > where to add this "vga=792" ? [no /boot/grub/menu.lst in 
> freebsd!]
> secondly > does this will do the same for freebsd too ? or i have to add 
> something else ?
> bye.

You're not talking about grub OR konsole. You're talking about changing 
the resolution of the system console. I can't help you much, because I 
spend most of my time in a GUI's terminal emulator, not at the system 
console. It has been discussed on the list several times in the past few 
months.  Google turns up a few hits with "freebsd console resolution" 
which would point you to man vidcontrol.


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