FreeBSD vs Linux

Tamouh H. hakmi at
Tue Jan 17 16:18:51 PST 2006

>That or the user(s). Microsoft doesn't write any sound card drivers, they
>>>manufacturers do it then pay and beg to be included on the master
distribution >CD/DVD.

>For a device to work in FreeBSD someone who wants it bad enough to do the
work has >to have the skills and want it bad enough to do it. Of course
"wanting" is no >small part of how such skills are developed.
>Someone has an unsupported sound card with a Linux example. All the tough
details >about the hardware are spelled out in the Linux driver.
>Plenty of FreeBSD drivers have been ported to Linux and vice versa.

Still Microsoft has the upper hand! How about this for an idea, sponsored
drivers ?  Why not allow such service that if an organization or individual
wishes to have a driver written they can sponsor a FreeBSD developer to do

>     Where did you read that about Vista? I've seen the beta
> versions of Vista and they all require cadillac machines with
> spiffy OpenGL cards, etc, in order to function without a lot
> of lag and hiccups. And when you turn all the bells and
> whistles off, Vista is nothing more than a graphics enhanced
> versions of XP with additional security features, such as
> required administrator logins, etc like Unix has been doing
> for years and Mac has been doing for a while. Windows Vista
> will no doubt require lots of RAM in comparison to XP because
> the developers/business team will add more features than
> users can shake a stick at. Yet, sadly enough I do not deny
> the fact that Windows is required given the software
> development model and noting where the money lies in software
> and hardware support. Heck, if Windows didn't exist I doubt I
> would have a job =D.
> -Garrett

Sorry, I wanted to mean LongHorn server, not the desktop version, for info
about windows non-gui:

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