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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Jan 17 12:26:57 PST 2006

> On 1/17/06, Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at tensor.3miasto.net> wrote:
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> > This is english mailing list, not Polish.
> >
> Historically, this has not been an English-only list.  Questions in
> any language have been welcome on this list for the nine years that I
> have subscribed.  Why people suddenly believe this has become an
> English-only list is a mystery to me.  Perhaps one of you xenophobes
> can explain it to me?
> Why does it bother you so much to see someone post in a language you
> cannot read?  Why can't you just ignore it, just as you ignore other
> questions that you aren't able to answer?

That's pretty much what I do.
I even try to guess what some of them are saying if I am not too
worn out, but usually am not very successful.

I don't understand some of the recent agitation for an English-only
statement.    It might be OK to include a reminder in the charter
something about most of the readers are English speaking so questions
posted in another language might not get as much response as those
posted in English, but I would guess that most of the non-English posters
already realize that.

My only hope is that if someone posts in another language doesn't
get a satisfactory response, they don't then start flaming about
being too English oriented or some such.   It has happened a little
a couple of times, but not much.   


> - Bob
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