FreeBSD vs Linux

Mathias Menzel-Nielsen matze at
Tue Jan 17 10:56:55 PST 2006

Mehmet Fatih AKBULUT wrote:

>kernel is one of the differences ;)
>freebsd uses generic kernel.
>and one other important difference is freebsd doest not support my intel
>high definition audio card :(
>so no sound for years :'( [other distros debian, suse ... support my card.]
>instead of yum or apt-get, you have ports in freebsd.[ which is more
>efficient! this is my opinion of course ;)]
>fedora, debian or suse can be used as an OS for PCs, but freebsd mostly used
>as a server. not much suitable for PC usage.
>bla bla bla.
imho the seperation of Linux=Multimedia-Home-Use, FreeBSD=Server is no 
longer valid these days...

My hardware is fully supported by FreeBSD and in fact some of it was 
supported earlier on FreeBSD than on Linux.
For example, the Brooktree bktr(4) Video-Capture driver existed first on 
FreeBSD, also high-speed cd-burning was
not possible on Linux without eating all available cpu-time, before 
kernel 2.6 -- at that time FreeBSD burned my cd's
at 52x-speed without noticeable cpu-usage. Multimedia was always a 
glance on FreeBSD -- dvd-playback/record,
xvid-encoding, tv-capturing, blender -- all ever worked like a champ.
Additionally to that, i would never move back to a linux distro, simply 
because their archaic package-management
is not half as reliable in day-to-day-use as the FreeBSD ports tree. I 
am running the same FreeBSD install since 4.9
and it was easy and non-problematic to update to even major release 
changes. Even if that criticism doesnt apply
as much to gentoo, which has some good efforts to use a "ports-tree" 
under Linux, I just prefer the original :)

in the end, the old question of the "best OS" is a waste in any case -- 
just take the os wich suits your needs and
makes you feel comfortable. But pushing FreeBSD in the "Server-OS -- No 
multimedia possible"-corner does not
represents its current state.

Sorry, I dont want to start a FreeBSD vs. Linux Discussion -- just 
giving my 2 cents...

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