FreeBSD vs Linux

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Tue Jan 17 10:21:27 PST 2006

On  Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 10:07:25AM -0800, Danial Thom wrote:
> --- "" <flashweb at>
> wrote:
> > Linux is just kernel only.
> > 
> > FreeBSD is complete operating system.
> > 
> > FreeBSD and Linux have almost similar
> > performance. There are much
> > already discussed about it, a google search
> > will give you more info.
> Nothing personal, but thats about the dumbest and
> most wrong (wrongest???) answer that one could
> possibly contemplate.
> DT

Actually he's not too far off, Linux really is a kernel, it's not so much
of an operating system until you get all the GNU tools to go along with it.
Luckily there are distributions that do that for you, or you can go the LFS
or DIY route I suppose and download everything yourself.

As far as similar performance... well performance has a lot to do with the
hardware and applications in question, but I must say there are no major
differences between running kde on linux and kde on freebsd on my home pc.

So although the answer is incomplete for sure, I certainly wouldn't say that
it's the dumbest and/or "wrongest" reply that could have been given.

Of course if the OP would have just googled this could have all been avoided
to begin with ;)


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