Boot with ACPI

Crispy Beef crispy.beef at
Tue Jan 17 09:21:55 PST 2006

>>When I boot my laptop running 6.0-RELEASE I need to boot with ACPI as 
>>otherwise it crashes.  Was wondering how to make booting with ACPI
>>the default?
>>To be honest I'm not bothered about the boot menu at all as I'm quite
>>happy with the system booting without any interaction.  Sometimes I
>>need to reboot remotely which isn't possible at the moment.  I've
>>read a bit about loader.conf and have used it for various things, is
>>it as easy as putting a line in there to get this working?
> If ACPI isn't enabled on your system by default it means your system
> is blacklisted.
> To overwrite the blacklist you can set hint.acpi.0.disabled to 0
> in /boot/loader.conf. See man acpi for more ACPI tunables.
> If your system works with ACPI, you probably should file an PR.

This is kind of what I thought after reading the acpi man page.  I entered the 
following into the /boot/loader.conf file:


Still no luck though, the default option on the loader menu boots without 
ACPI.  When hitting the second option you see ACPI being enabled i.e. 
/boot/kernel/acpi.ko being loaded.  This doesn't happen with option 1 even 
with the above in my loader.conf file.  :-/

Somebody else on this list mentioned the i440BX chipset being a bit flakey 
with ACPI which is why it might not be enabled by default, but with ACPI it 
seems to work nice enough for everyday use, fans go on and off, system shuts 
down nicely etc.

The only reference to my chipset I can find on the blacklist is this:

INTEL - 440BX (Seattle 2) - 0x00001000 (old) <= Field beyond end of region

It's listed as non-critical.

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