New FreeBSD 6.0 system advice sought

Jason King jking at
Tue Jan 17 05:19:35 PST 2006

I would stay with the apache 1.3 branch because of some compatibility
issues with the 2.0 branch. I would certainly move to at least the v4
branch of MySQL. I haven't tried any of my webapps with v5 yet because
of some strange SQL errors I was getting while installing one of them
with MySQL v5. It doesn't matter what order you install them in.


On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 23:39 -0500, JD Arnold wrote:
> So, I'm building a replacement 6.0 system from the bare metal, moving
> over my 4.11 server data after I'm done.  I've started from a minimal 
> installation, and I'm looking for some input.
> 1] Apache - do I stay with 1.3 or move on up to the 2.x branch?
> 2] MySQL - do I stay with the 3.x (!), or move to the v4 or v5 branch?
> 3] What would be the best order to do the installation, or does it matter?
> * Apache
> * MySQL
> * mod_php5
> I'm really just running it as a web server, with php & MySQL support and
> not much else.

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