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Uncle Deejy-Pooh deejy-pooh at
Tue Jan 17 04:42:11 PST 2006

	I ought to have mentioned I'm DHCP. And,as a further aside to this - you see, 
I REALLY DO KNOW JACK-ALL - why is it considered bad form to turn off ones 
broadband connection ? I do it every day, no problems in re-connecting... I 
have, after my last posting I Mamma'd around a bit, noticed mention of 
'leases' and the need for ones provider to re-lease ones connection. 
Investigation took me to /var/db/dhclient.leases.sis0. In this there is info, 
which I hesitate to reprint here :>}, repeated twice, culminating in these

< Loads of info here...............>
  renew 3 2006/1/18 01:27:21;   
  rebind 3 2006/1/18 13:26:40;
  expire 3 2006/1/18 17:26:29;	

< Same info repeated here......>						
  renew 3 2006/1/18 01:46:16;   
  rebind 3 2006/1/18 13:31:25;
  expire 3 2006/1/18 17:26:28;


I take it from this that my connection will be been renewed at the given 
time/date, then rebind (???), and finally die, waiting for the next renewal I 
guess. Well, try as it might, it WON'T renew at 1.30am because it's ALWAYS 
turned off ! It is, however, USUALLY on at the other given times.

So, stop-your-laughing and point my snout to the trough...

	Once again, waaay off-topic,

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