80 pin SCSI hard drives.

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Mon Jan 16 18:35:20 PST 2006

At 06:21 PM 1/16/2006, je killen wrote:
>I've obtained two SCSI hard drives made by Maxtor that have 80 pin 
>connectors and no power connector port.
>This isn't necessarily relevant to FreeBSD accept that i'm planning 
>on using them in a FreeBSD installation.
>I'm only aware of 50 pin SCSI and 68 pin SCSI. I've tried to contact 
>Maxtor to get advice on a PCI adapter
>and cables to use with these units but haven't gotten a reply.
>Can any one give me some info on how to set these drives up hardware wise?
>  Or if they can be used, maybe I made a mistake getting them, but 
> they are 18GB 15 k drives and were $75 apiece
>from Tiger Direct. two of them will give me 36 GB to use for a web 
>server  /usr and /var partitions. And  i"ll use SATA
>drives for RAID back up.

You need an adapter to use those drives.  Something like this:

If you look around a bit you can probably find some cheaper.  The 
link above was from a quick search, but there are a lot of places 
that sell the adapters.


>Thank you in advance.
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