log file rotation

Garance A Drosehn gad at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 16 16:37:43 PST 2006

At 2:50 PM -0600 1/16/06, Jason King wrote:
>My maillog and daillog files have stopped rotating everyday
>like they use to. I have 2 FBSD machines that have stopped
>these files from rotating as of Dec 15th. I have no idea what
>could have caused two different machines to have the same
>thing happen to them. The entry in my newsyslog.conf file is
>correct. There is no reason these files shouldn't be rotating
>daily like before. Anyone have any ideas on what to look for?

Check timestamps on the various files.  perhaps some kind of
timewarp happened.

Check to make sure newsyslog is still being run from cron.
(do you have other files which are rotating, but just those
two are not rotating?)

Run:    newsyslog -vv
and see if it tells you anything interesting.

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