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Mon Jan 16 11:00:29 PST 2006

On 16 Jan Andrew P. wrote:
> On 1/16/06, dick hoogendijk <dick at> wrote:
> > I googled a lot on "webcam and freebsd" but could not find something
> > relevant. I did read somewhre that on linux one has to create
> > a /dev/video* which on my fbsd-6R does not exist. I trust devfs should
> > have made one if needed..
> >
> > I still at a loss on how to use my webcam on freebsd. It shouldn't be
> > too hard I'm told. Well, whatever.. It is in dmesg, but further than
> > that it can not be used. Who has some pointers?
> >
> As a matter of fact google comes up with a few useful links:

Sure, but they all relate to some kind of live cam broadcasting. That's
not what I'm looking for. I just wonder WHY the cam is detected at boot
time and cannot be found i.e. by kopete. If it exists it should be found
somewhere shouldn't it?

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