Elliot Finley efinleywork at
Mon Jan 16 10:08:35 PST 2006

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From: "Bob Johnson" <fbsdlists at>
On 1/11/06, Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> wrote:
> Elliot Finley wrote:
> >Connected to
> >Server message: Collection "ports-all" release "cvs" is not available
> >
> >
> >also, the same thing with src-all.  Is this temporary or permanent?
> >
> If you would show your supfile ... I'm guessing it's a config issue,
> but not enough info here to say positively.

}cvsup6 has been refusing connections for several days.  If it is
}accepting them now, that's an improvement.  Perhaps they are bringing
}it back up and don't have everything loaded yet.

I think it would be better for cvsup6 not to respond at all, rather than
respond but have no content.  As it is, it breaks fastest_cvsup.


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