trouble installing new printer

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Mon Jan 16 08:15:35 PST 2006

Hi all,

my previous (and still unanswered) message was:


I just bought a Canon i865 yesterday. This is my first printer install on
FreeBSD. I, of course, followed the steps described in the handbook. But when
running the really simple 'lptest > /dev/lpt0' command, nothing happened,
excepted the flashing light on the printer.

The flashing time is depending of the job size, i.e. the light is flashing
longer with lptest > /dev/lpt0 than with lptest 20 5 > /dev/lpt0.

I decided to go a bit firther and configured /etc/printcap, and activated the lf

And running lptest 20 5 | lpr -Pmy-printer gave again the same result.

I tried many research on the net but could not find anything useful. I am now
installing apsfilter but ask you for some help during the compilation process.

Thank you.

So now I installed apsfilter and had to choose a driver. I tested Canon BJC-800
and two or three from the BJC-8200 (said mostly compatible).

Ok, I got a printed output, but my printers needs approx. 5 minutes for a simple
plain text page. That is quite painfuly slow, isn't it ?

I even tried the turboprint driver, but got nothing whith it.

So at that point:
- I can print
- I can go to sleep for a whole week before getting one chapter from the
handbook printed.

Do you have anything to suggest to me ?

Regards, Ivan

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