Sparc vs i386 architecture

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Mon Jan 16 01:39:14 PST 2006

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>Yeah, Ted. Good cars are a waste of money. You're
>really starting to sound like a poor guy now! So
>goes it for good food.

If the person your buying it for can't use it,
then yes.

I have a friend that had a peanut allergy.  Buying
the most expensive gourmet peanut butter for him would
be a total waste of money.  He can't use it.  Just like
your 100Mph toy.  Actually worse than your 100Mph toy
since he cannot even use the peanut butter in a sex
game to get his rocks off, while you can get yourself
off thinking about your toy that you can't use.

>Good wine? Well you can
>get drunk on cheap wine too, so who cares. lol

If your goal of drinking wine is to get drunk, you
don't deserve the good stuff.


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