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I'd agree with the learning curve for SA. it's not huge, but there is one.

as for time spend on admin, for  me a few minutes per day making sure
there's no new handy handy rules to add by lurking on the sa-users list.

I use RulesDuJour to get most of my non-included rules to update
automatically, and I use MailScanner to glue the MTA, SA and virus scanners
together. Very little work.

But yes for a single user T'birds default spam trap may work quite well and
do the job quickly.


On 1/16/06, Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> wrote:
> Frank Staals wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I'm running FreeBSD 5-stable and I'm using the
> > system as mailserver, so I set up sendmail using
> > this guide:
> >
> >
> >
> > as imap server I'm using imap-uw. Now I would like to do the following:
> >
> > 1) I would like to get all mail from questions at
> > in a seperate directory. Currently I do this by filtering my
> > mail in the mailclient ( Thunderbird ). The directory it uses
> > for this is currently ~/mail/Questions/ so I would like to keep
> > that, how can I do this ? Can I add this to /etc/mail/access ?
> > what would then be the syntax ?
> >
> > 2) I would also like to filter my mail for spam, again:
> > currently I set up thunderbird to do this: the mail
> > marked as spam/junk dissapears into the junk folder:
> > ( ~/mail/junk ) What is the best way to set this up ?
> > can this be done by sendmail itself or should I install
> > an other program from the portstree
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> First question:  what's wrong with the way TBird does it?
> (Sorry, that's the "consultant" in me coming out....) It does
> seem like you want whatever you use to do it in the same
> way that it's currently being done, so why change?
> In particular, your (2) above is an area of little consensus;
> about the only thing most people agree on is that spammers
> should have *some* body part removed, but we can't even
> agree which one, much less exactly how to handle their
> um, "product".
> Some argue that spam should not be processed by your
> MTA at all; this has resulted in "blacklisting" and "greylisting".
> Others figure that an automatic "trashing" of the spam after
> receipt is OK.  First, decide which you are/want to be.
> Sendmail has, IIRC, a built in way to check RealTime blackhole
> DNS lists.  Any farther than that, you get into Milter (Mail
> fILTER) or SpamAssassin (as mentioned previously) or Amavis
> +SpamAssassin, or ..., or ... (there are several ways to skin
> the cat).
> Quite possibly, the best question for you ATM is:  are you
> protecting just yourself from spam, or are others going to
> be affected by what you do to your SendMail?
> Then, do some research and reading on the problem.
> I've tried SendMail+Amavis+SpamAssassin with some success.
> One big issue for me: time to administer the server, in particular
> the "learning curve" phase.
> I've also done some other tricks, like listing IP blocks against
> sendmail in /etc/hosts.allow; but this has gotten me into trouble
> as, occasionally, international correspondents (like here on the
> lists) ended up "blocked" by my MTA.
> So, good luck! and, "to each his own".
> Kevin Kinsey
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