Problems with X11 Forwarding (Fixed!)

Aaron Dalton aaron at
Sun Jan 15 12:17:58 PST 2006

Ken Stevenson wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 12:33:24PM -0700, Aaron Dalton wrote:
>>Ken Stevenson wrote:
>>>I'm new to FreeBSD, so I may be off base, but I use vncserver on my
>>>FreeBSD box when I need an X session. Then I just setup Putty to forward
>>>port 5900 to, make an ssh connection to my FreeBSD server, 
>>>UltraVNC on my Windows box and connect to localhost.
>>Thanks for your reply!  I have been told VNC is a good way to go as 
>>well, but some have mentioned some performance issues.  What have you 
>>found?  It works liveably well?
> It works great for me. I have a pretty fast internet connection (cable
> modem).
> One thing I like about it is the session doesn't end when you
> disconnect. You can start a long running process like cvsup, disconnect,
> and come back later to check on it.
> Unlike when you vnc to a Windows box, you don't get the X session
> that's on the local workstation, you get a new one. If you need to
> connect to the primary X session, like for remote support, there's a
> version of VNC in the ports for that too (xvnc?).

For the record, I finally got standard X11 forwarding working once I 
installed tightvnc.  I presume it was because I didn't have an X11 
client installed.  Now to get VNC working!  I can see which I prefer. 
Thank you again all for your time!

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