shell scripts and escaped charecters in file names

Mathias Menzel-Nielsen matze at
Sun Jan 15 09:54:31 PST 2006

Ronny Hippler wrote:

> Hello,
>     I am trying to get the following script to run with no success.
> - ------------------------------------
> #!/bin/csh
> foreach file (\*vol\*)
> mv $file `basename $file .par2`.PAR2
> echo $file
> end
> - ------------------------------------
> and get the following error:
> usage: mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source target
> ~       mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source ... directory
> I know it is because of the spaces and such in the file names. I have
> tried quoting single double and also escaping them but all fails. what
> is the magic? Please cc me off list. thanks!


Sorry, dont know the trick for csh -- but for bash there is an env, 
which can be used to override word-split whitespaces:
IFS  (see bash(1))

The following script should do the trick (i have tested it with some 
filenames with spaces in it succesfully):
export IFS;
for i in *;
         mv $i `basename $i .par2`.PAR2;
         echo $i;

note how IFS is set to newline

(replace the *-wildchar in the for-line with your fileset)

Hope it helps

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