flash plugin in 6.0

Scott I. Remick scott at sremick.net
Sun Jan 15 00:39:49 PST 2006

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:43:26 -0900, Beecher Rintoul wrote:
> Try starting firefox from a terminal and see if you get plugin errors before 
> it starts. I was working on that port locally to fix the paths. I uninstalled 
> everything and did an install with the fixed port and none of the plugins 
> worked. I uninstalled again and reinstalled with the stock port and still 
> nothing. Startup shows errors on all the linux plugins. I think something 
> else has changed, but I'm not sure what. Even my fixes don't work anymore.

Finally got time to look into this again tonight. I was getting errors,
and the first round suggested that I needed to change libmap.conf from:




After that, about:plugins was showing Flash 7, but Firefox would crash
when I loaded a site with flash. I then applied rtld_dlsym_hack.diff and
now it appears to be working. For the time being. Heh.

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