Mail filtering at server

Micah micahjon at
Sat Jan 14 20:52:52 PST 2006

Frank Staals wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm running FreeBSD 5-stable and I'm using the system as mailserver, so 
> I set up sendmail using this guide: 
> as imap server 
> I'm using imap-uw. Now I would like to do the following:
> 1) I would like to get all mail from questions at in a seperate 
> directory. Currently I do this by filtering my mail in the mailclient ( 
> Thunderbird ). The directory it uses for this is currently 
> ~/mail/Questions/ so I would like to keep that, how can I do this ? Can 
> I add this to /etc/mail/access ? what would then be the syntax ?

I actually switched from IMAP-UW (ironic because I'm a UW student) to
Cyrus-IMAP to manage my personal email. Cyrus has a built in filtering
language called Sieve which works really well for moving my list and RSS
feeds into proper IMAP folders. 
seems to suggest procmail can do this too.

> 2) I would also like to filter my mail for spam, again: currently I set 
> up thunderbird to do this: the mail marked as spam/junk dissapears into 
> the junk folder: ( ~/mail/junk ) What is the best way to set this up ? 
> can this be done by sendmail itself or should I install an other program 
> from the portstree

I actually haven't tackled this one yet. Try looking through with a keyword of spam.


> Thanks in advance,

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