Issues with hard disks and spindown

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jan 14 18:05:46 PST 2006

    It appears that after my rearranging my case a bit that my hard 
drives are spinning up and down quite a bit (in particular one drive). 
After checking the temperature of the drives with my hand, it appears 
that everything is running quite smoothly, so there must be something 
else software-wise that's causing my system to near constantly poll the 
    For the sake of power and for the sake of my hard drives I have 
enabled apmd, which should be handling power management, but in fact 
isn't really doing the right thing I think.
    My computer is a desktop, so I realize that apm is used primarily 
for laptops. Is there any distinguishing point in FreeBSD that doesn't 
allow for this, or like Linux, by enabling apmd does it allow me to 
automatically suspend hard disks and how? I just want to save my 
hardware from undue abuse, either way and save some electricity while 
I'm at it :).

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