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Amr Basyouny amr.basyouny at
Sat Jan 14 08:31:02 PST 2006

Hello Kristian .

You can check a simple of our works here .

And also translate the whole web site into arabic language

Your site already contain multi-languages the site design contain all the
languages ... as i said before.

PLUS ( Time Limit Offer ) :

Free 24 Hours / Day Arabic Live Support .. for 2 monthes ...

And we are responsable for translate any quistion or answer to support in a
Ticket or E-mail From / To any user for a year ....

24 hours / day live Arabic Phone Support For live time .
All this and upload in *two weeks* from order plus 3 monthes updating or
adding data for free .

and for the security of your data and web site you can send me the files to
work on and send it back for you to upload from your own PC .

*( secure your password and data )*

Also there is an advertising plan in the bigest arabic web site , radio , tv
... if you wanna ( OWN COST not coverd by the previos offer )

if you like this work re-contact me to start working on the site .
  the payment method will be by one of these methods :

1 - Western-union cash transfer . 30 % of the decieded amount in advance and
70 % after upload .
2 - Bank transfer to my account No. 50 % of the decieded amount in advance
and 50 % after upload .

Please send me your site details that will work on and if there is any
speacial orders and also the budget that you imagine for the design work to
decied the amount of funds .

Thank you,
Amr Basyouny
amr.basyouny at

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