Re FreeBSD v 6.0 (boxed cd set)

Robert Slade bsd at
Fri Jan 13 23:24:00 PST 2006

On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 01:01, je killen wrote:
> (On e-Machine with Intel Sempron processor and 256 mb memory).
> I'm not able to log into x via kdm as root and not able to su to root 
> when in Gnome (or KDE for that matter).
> It also goes through what seem to be excessive sleep cycles (two 
> lasting at least a minute apiece) during the boot process
> to establish the system's name.

Sounds like it is trying to contact a dhcp server and then timing out.
What does messages or your error logs say? They are in /var/logs

> It refused ssh from my Mac OSX machine (It starts sshd on boot, which 
> also takes a noticeable amount of time)

Check your sshd setup, see man sshd, there are some defaults set in the
conf file there which are causing the restriction.
> What ftp server is recommended for FreeBSD? (There doesn't seem to be 
> any provided by default install)

You should have been asked if you wanted a ftp server during
installation. The default is ftp. There are others in the ports though.
See the handbook.

> How do I tell it who it really is? (Is it trying to contact a DNS 
> server and/or /etc/hosts ?)

The host name etc is set in /etc/rc.conf. Again you should have set this
during installation. You can re run the installation process just type

> How can I get set up to su to root in a console window? (Or do I have 
> to learn to live with it?)

The default allows only members of the wheel group to su to root.

> If I can't get set up to su to root in a console window, how can I log 
> into an x session as root?

You should be able to log on as root and run an x session as root (not
> (Does it have to do with security levels, or who is a member of the 
> 'wheel' group? Even Mac OSX only allows sudo -- and it is based on 
> FreeBSD, isn't it?)

See above. There could also be an issue with security, it depends how
you set it during install.

> Thanks
> JK
> This is definitely the most active list I've subscribed to (203 total 
> e-mail load yesterday when usually 30 -50 per day with 3 other tech 
> related list subscriptions)

JK Welcome,

>From your questions you are new :-), I was some 5 months ago.  Most of
the answers can be got from the handbook. I've tried to give you some
pointers to help, but not too much as you do need to become familiar
with the basics. There are a number of resources about, Google helps
too. Be prepared for a number of reinstalls :-).

A couple of pointers - try asking one question at a time and use a
meaningful subject. That way your problem is likely to standout in the
number of messages.

I would also suggest that we you get the basic system working, you
update it, your CDs are likely to be at 6.0R there has been some updates
since. I would suggest that you stay with the 6.0 branch for now.

Good luck.


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