httpd could not be started

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Jan 13 11:15:21 PST 2006

Frank Staals wrote:
> Greg Barniskis wrote:
>> apache2_enable="YES"
>> in your rc.conf?
>> The need for this as well as the proper syntax should be noted in the 
>> file /usr/ports/www/apache2/pkg-msg. For any other port you install 
>> there's probably gold nuggets of info in its pkg-msg file. This stuff 
>> displays during the make install, but then so does several K of other 
>> info so it's not hard to miss these things.
> In fact, it doesn't realy matter if you add apache_enable="YES" to 
> rc.conf ( since het installed apache13 adding apache2_enable="YES" would 
> be quite useless ... ) 

Duh. Sorry, the later line about him trying apache22 got stuck in my 

> when you start it manually from commandline, 
> adding it to rc.conf is only usefull when you want to start apache from 
> boot, which can be quite usefull, but it can't be the reason why apache 
> wouldn't start.

Oh. I was sure that I'd read in a previous thread that the lack of 
an enable flag would stop it from being started at all, but that 
must have been for a different port or in a different context. 
Anyway, thanks for the correction, always glad to have my 
misconceptions destroyed.

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