dhclient fixed leases

Maxim Vetrov muxas at mail.ru
Fri Jan 13 03:41:22 PST 2006

Hi to all,

I can't configure dhclient to use fixed lease on a network with no dhcp 
server. I use my notebook to connect to several different networks. Some 
of them have dhcp servers, some do not. Just tired of manual config on 
the latter. I've done man dhclient.conf and found that I can cope with 
that. so there is my dhclient.conf:

timeout 15;
retry 180;
reboot 5;

lease {
        interface "sis0";
        option routers;
        option host-name "mobile";
        option subnet-mask;
        expire 5 2010/1/1 00:00:00;
        renew 5 2010/1/1 0:0:0;
        rebind 5 2010/1/1 0:0:0;

interface "sis0" {
        send dhcp-lease-time 600;
        send host-name "mobile";

When it boots these messages are displayed:
    > Trying recorded lease
    > bound: renewal in 125116757 seconds.
and nothing happen.

The peer's address on the othe side of cross-wired cable is 
netmask When I
 > ifconfig sis0 inet netmask up
and ping connection is alive.

What do I do wrong?


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