Need of '/compat/linux'

Parv parv at
Thu Jan 12 15:33:09 PST 2006

I am running 6-STABLE from Dec 27 2005; mortal user shell is zsh
4.2.6; root shell is bash [23]; have reinstalled all the ports that i
currently want/need.

Short story is that without pointing '/compat/linux' to
'/usr/linux-base', i could not run acroread7, instead got the
following message ...

  ELF interpreter /lib/ not found

Long version ...  I started from almost clean slate by installing
gimp2 (which installed obscene amount of dependencies, including gtk2,
pango, atk).  Then after installing some more ports, i set LINUXBASE
to '/usr/linux-base' in '/etc/make.conf' (there was no link from
'/compat/linux' to that directory); later installed
'emulators/linux_base-8' port, followed by 'print/acroread7'.

After getting the following message while trying to run 'acroread7',
i got ...

  ELF interpreter /lib/ not found

Mounting 'linprocfs' or running (FreeBSD) 'ldconfig -m
/usr/linux-base' did not help.  I searched for Linux version of
'ldconfig' in '/usr/linux-base/bin' (forgot to look in
'/usr/linux-base/sbin' at the time).  Besides,
'/usr/linux-base/sbin/ldconfig' does not seem to have an option (like
FreeBSD 'ldconfig -r') to see the search directories or libraries

I checked 'LINUXBASE' in '/etc/make.conf' and in a port directory by
'make -V LINUXBASE', both indicated the same value.  Only after
creating a symlink to '/usr/linux-base' from '/compat/linux' i could
run acroread7, which resulted in a more promising error message (which
is another story).

So, my question is how do i remove the symlink from '/compat/linux' &
still have acroread7 (or any other linux software) run?  Why is
setting 'LINUXBASE' is not enough for acroread7 to find the needed

  - Parv


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