Strange Failure Mode in FreeBSD 4.11

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Thu Jan 12 14:03:16 PST 2006

fbsd_user wrote:
> The firewall section of the handbook states that the
> rc.firewall file is an example.
> You really should read the firewall section of the handbook
> and use the working examples contained there.

Oh, most definitely yes. I was assuming Martin (the OP) knew this 
since he clearly had gone to the trouble of writing custom rules, 
and that the problem was just one of successful integration. I only 
use the stock rc.firewall for basic testing, training and POC work, 
otherwise I do something like this:

> cp rc.firewall custom.ipfw, edit to your needs and use
> firewall_type="/etc/custom.ipfw"

And having glanced at the handbook just now, I believe that I 
flubbed that assertion above, and the proper use is


with firewall_type being used to select from within a multi-mode 
case structure such as rc.firewall has. Sorry, it's been a long 
while since I actually edited any part of my firewall rules (love 
that FreeBSD stability ;).

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