Sound on Dell D600 laptop

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Jan 12 12:38:21 PST 2006

On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 10:55:42AM -0800, Li, Qing wrote:
> 	Thanks all. 
> > 
> > snd_ich_load="YES"
> > 
> 	I don't have the above, wasn't quite sure which one
> 	to load because it's a SigmaTel, though 
> 	/usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/ac97.c appears to include it.
> 	I'll give it a try.
> 	Thanks again.
> 	-- Qing

	This is a related question concerning "getting sound working
	on FreeBSD":: in revs previous, you used to have to compile
	the kernel modules into KERNCONF.  Why the change to a 
	/boot config file, one?  And if I use the old KERNCONF 
	method, will it make any difference, two?


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