missing /dev/dsp

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Thu Jan 12 11:55:18 PST 2006

On Jan 12, 2006, at 11:16 AM, SPYRIDON PAPADOPOULOS wrote:

> Hi again,
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> Subject: Re: missing /dev/dsp
>> Hi,
>> What pciconf -lv says? Can you find your card there?
>> not there. everything else seems to be fine but the >sound card is  
>> not there.
> Well if it is not there then you must call them back and report  
> this, since also you cannot see the card in dmesg...
>> BIOS updates are known to make things better, but there are few  
>> chances to
>> cause such problems, in which case you can go back to a previous  
>> version.
>> Before you think of that however, find and read what the new  
>> version they
>> installed, is fixing. Be sure before start messing with the bios.
>> right... but how to be sure that are the bios and >they didn't  
>> screwed the
>> card itself when they where replacing the board >where the ram  
>> slots are?!
> ..Of course there are chances that things can go wrong, as you are  
> mentioning above.It looks h/w problem or compatibility issue maybe,  
> so call them back and report your problem.
> However you took the machine back in 48 hours probably because:
> they unscrew one screw and changed your memory (not replacing the  
> board..) and memory slots are not close to the sound card (are  
> exatly under your left hand.(one screw) as i can see, then they  
> updated the BIOS, then run some tests which passed, finally  
> dispatched your laptop.
> Please don't try to open your laptop, i have a T30 here out of  
> warranty. Just call them back, they will not charge you probably.
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>> Subject: missing /dev/dsp
>>  hi all..
>>  i sent my t30 to ibm to replace a not working ram slot and i got  
>> it back
>> in less then 48 hrs. pretty good. except the /dev/dsp is missing.
>>  i don't see any cards in the dmesg but i know that the audio card is
>> "SoundBlaster compatible". my system is 5.4 and according to the  
>> handbook
>> devfs should figure it out - i haven't had to do this before...
>> a have the audio enabled in the kernel... pcm...
>> any ideas why is the dsp missing?  i think they did bios upgrade -  
>> is that
>> what screwed it up?
>> thanks...
>> --

	IBM's good about warranties and replacing parts as long as you are  
under warranty still. Believe me, after taking 2 IBM thinkpads apart,  
you don't even want to try and do the same thing I had to do. Be  
prepared to have a web browser handy for getting schematics off the  
website, because when they are going to diagnose your machine over  
the phone, they will ask you to do some pretty interesting procedures  
most likely.

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