Help with panic: vm_fault

Brad Marsh budojeepr at
Thu Jan 12 11:09:33 PST 2006 agreement, I've read that memory modules will sometimes work in
pairs, not individually, or singly, not in pairs...


P.S. "Juraj", you're right. I'm sure FreeBSD can handle more than 1GB
RAM - it's just my system. I was hoping someone could look at the debug
info and say something helpful like "it's for sure your memory module
hardware!". :^)

--- "N.J. Thomas" <njt at> wrote:

> > So my comclusion is that FreeBSD is having trouble booting with 2
> > 512MB RAM sticks. The BIOS recognizes the RAM ok
> Before you do anything else, I strongly recommend you put in both of
> the new memory modules in and run memtest86+.

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