freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 121, Issue 11

=?GB2312?B?19O6xA==?= fatcat1985 at
Thu Jan 12 09:20:30 PST 2006

I have two PCs, one with windows installed and another one is a laptop
that contains no cdrom and floppy drivers. I would like use my windows
pc to boot and install a freebsd system on my laptop. My lapton have a
network card supporting booting from network. I knew that PXE maybe a
possible way to slove it ,however , i could not find a proper image
for my network card ( Intel 8255x). And I do search among the Internet
and look up among the freebsd handbook. The progress that be described
in handbook about pxeboot(8) does not fit me because I have to use a
windows OS to boot my laptop. Does anyone could help me ?
Thanks for your reply.

P.S.: I am a chinese that do not master English, so maybe I could not
present my idea clear, if so , do tell me and  I will represent it as
soon as possible.

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